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Ohio Law requires that every child have a safe permanent home.  SCCSB will provide families opportunities to remain together.  Should it become necessary for children to be removed from a parent of guardian, SCCSB must develop a plan for reunification unless permanent custody is requested.  If the parent or guardian does not complete the case plan, SCCSB will take steps to terminate parental rights and find the child another permanent home.


Our caseworkers help families solve their problems.  The law requires Children Services to investigate screened-in calls received about children who may be abused, neglected or need protection.


Ohio law requires that the name of the person who made the referral is confidential.  The children services caseworker will provide information about the reported incident and discuss any associated problems with the family.




Scioto County Children Services provides:

v  Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect

v  Ongoing Services

v  Independent Living Services for Youth 16 Years and Older

v  Adoption Services for Children of All Ages  

v  Foster Parent Recruitment  





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